Green Planning Studio specialises in obtaining planning consent in areas of constraint including Green Belt, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. We have a successful and unusual approach to planning, taking national policy as our starting point together with planning case law to identify opportunities for our clients to resolve unusual and challenging cases at application and appeal


Our New Sites Team carries out a desktop appraisal of sites and arranges a subsequent site visit. From these we can establish the opportunities for the site and develop a strategy. This can involve a staged approach. 


Areas of Constraint 


Much of our case work is in areas of planning constraint which includes Green Belt, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Broads. 

Green Belt  

The Green Belt is not a landscape designation, it constrains development to retain openness. Green Planning Studio has developed strategies to maximise the amount of development possible within National Policy constraints. 


We have expertise in the historic environment particularly the setting of Listed Buildings and development in and adjacent to Conservation Areas, World Heritage site and Historic Parks and Gardens.  


Certificates of Lawfulness  

Existing Use  

Certificates of Lawfulness can be obtained that confirm that an EXISTING use or development has become lawful through the passage of time. Dated aerial photography, household bills and sworn affidavits are amongst the evidence used in such cases.  

Proposed Development  

Certificates can confirm that PROPOSED development would be lawful if implied by an existing consent and would not require planning approval. 


Prior Approval  

Some development and changes of use are permitted development and require an application to determine if prior approval is required before the change takes place. Change of use of agricultural buildings to residential use under Class Q is an example of this. 


Operational Development  

Operational development includes building operations. Green Planning Studio’s architecture team can design your building with our planning team to make the most of the opportunities of your site and to overcome issues preventing the grant of permission. 


Change of Use 

Green Planning Studio specialises in obtaining consent for change of use of land. This can be through applications, certificates of lawfulness and appeals.  

Approvals for permission will be conditioned. Some conditions must be released before the development or use can take place. 



Green Planning Studio is very successful in appealing enforcement notices for our clients. Our specialist team will identify the best grounds for the appeal and if possible, obtain planning permission for the development or use that has been enforced against.



Green Planning Studio will always endeavour to obtain planning permission at the application stage but if a planning application is refused, we will advise you on the best course of action including whether to appeal.  


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