Green Planning Studio is a Chartered Practice with the Royal Institute of British Architects for the area of its work involving buildings. The company’s skills and knowledge in planning contribute to success in obtaining permission in areas of constraint. We are Certified Passivhaus Designers and have extensive experience in self-build.

Green Belt Houses 

Green Planning Studio has developed strategies to maximise the amount of development within the constraints of Green Belt, such as the example of a Green Belt house near Lichfield. 


Self-Build Homes 

Many people are choosing to self build. It is an opportunity to own an energy efficient home tailored to your needs and Green Planning Studio can assist in the design to Passivhaus standards. We have extensive experience of providing architectural services for self-build including this example of an eco self build in Shropshire. 



Paragraph 84 Homes 

Paragraph 84, previously Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework, sets out that isolated homes in the countryside should be avoided. There are exceptions and these include if the design is of exceptional quality.  



Green Planning Studio exploits opportunities in national policy. When a local authority cannot demonstrate a supply of housing land for the next 5 years, it should consider all sustainable development proposals.   



The architectural work of Green Planning Studio is not limited to houses and housing. Working with our planners we have obtained approval for a wide range of buildings including a Gospel Hall in Essex 



Rural Homes in Barns and Stables  

There are a number of routes to obtaining consent for a house in the country. Obtaining consent under Class Q permitted development for conversion of an existing barn can be a successful way of having a home where planning permission would not normally be granted. Alternatively obtaining consent for an agricultural building or for another countryside use can be a stepping stone to further development on a site. 


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