Park Homes

Green Planning Studio has a number of successful strategies for maximising the return on commercial caravan sites. We have been able to establish that existing sites can lawfully be used for residential use and that entire sites have a historic permission for caravans greatly exceeding the existing number of pitches.

Certificates of Lawfulness Existing Use under Section 191

Certificates of Lawfulness can be obtained that confirm that an existing use or development has become lawful through the passage of time. Dated aerial photography, household bills and sworn affidavits are amongst the evidence used for such cases. They are useful for Park Homes sites where restrictions on occupancy have been breached for more than 10 years as this example near Canterbury; or where land has been used ancillary to a caravan site for more than 10 years and can be considered part of the site.


Certificates of Lawfulness Proposed Use under Section 192

Certificates can also confirm that proposed development would be lawful. They can be used to confirm that something implied but possibly not intended by an existing consent would be lawful, for example proof that all a large site had permission for caravans and equestrian use in Dorset. Certificates can be obtained to confirm that the number of caravans is not limited by an existing permission and also to confirm that additional caravans would not be a material change of use.


Site Licences

Most caravan sites require a site licence once planning approval has been granted or confirmed by a Certificate of Lawfulness. A site licence was obtained for this site in Cumbria once a 192 certificate of proposed use had been issued to confirm the use for a residential caravan site with no limitation on the number of caravans.


Fit and Proper Persons 

Mobile Homes Regulations 2020 require the owner or manager of a caravan site, either fully residential or a mix with holiday use, to be a ‘fit and proper person’. Green Planning Studio can assist with the application. The information required varies from authority to authority. 


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