Find Green Planning Studio at NSBRC

Are you a budding self-builder? Or an experienced property developer? Wherever you are in your project, this is the show for you. And the best news? Green Planning Studio will be there on both days, to assist you with the planning and architectural sides of your building dreams.

We are renowned for helping people with gaining planning consent in areas of constraint so before you attend the show, have a look at our success stories.

Attending the show on both days, we have our Director and Senior Architect Ruth Reed and our Senior Architect Stuart Clark. Stuart will be giving a presentation on the need to knows of planning for self-builds in the Build-It theatre on Friday at 1pm. This surgery will be followed by a short Q & A for all of those burning questions. Click here to see what else is on.

Ruth and Stuart look forward to seeing you all there. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media for pictures of the event!

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If you are having problems gaining planning permission or have a planning issue that requires immediate attention or advice, or you are looking for architectural inspiration please do not hesitate to contact us.