Landscape-sensitive design solutions are driven by site analysis and investigation.  As part of the supporting work for your project design and successful planning application we can assess the key landscape characteristics of your site and the surrounding area. This can vary between a simple survey and appraisal for smaller schemes while larger applications are supported by Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA).

All levels of landscape analysis can demonstrate the opportunities as well as challenges of the site to the scheme designer and ensure that the final proposal makes the most of key landscape features and protects sensitive views. This approach is central to our success in obtaining planning approval in sensitive rural areas including green belt and areas of outstanding natural beauty. We work with ecologists in designing new habitats for endangered species such as ponds for great crested newts and new cover for nesting birds.

Applications are supported by carefully considered landscape proposals and once the scheme is approved, landscape schemes, including planting schedules can be provided by Green Planning Studio to meet the relevant conditions placed on your planning approval.

Our landscape services include:

  • Landscape site survey and analysis
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA).
  • Landscape layout design
  • Landscape detailing

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are an important part of planning in sensitive areas