Contaminated Land

ContamGreen Planning Studio (GPS) offers our clients a full range of Geo-environmental Assessments to address planning issues relating to development on historically contaminated land.  These include:

  • Tier 1 Desk Study, in-house Environmental Assessments (EAs) of the risks posed to future occupiers and the local ecological receptors.
  • Tier 2 Site Appraisals & Ground Gas Risk Assessments, including Human Health & Water Environment Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRAs) and if required,
  • Tier 3 Remedial Strategies, encompassing a broad range of innovative, cost effective & sustainable remedial solutions that can be incorporated into the design of the development or used to manage the risks.

GPS can also undertake to produce Environmental Statements for larger developments through our team of in-house experts and network of associated consultants.

We offer Expert Witness services at Planning Appeals and in dispute resolution to support clients throughout the entire planning process, in the fields of:

  • Contaminated Land,
  • Detailed QRA in both Human Health & Ecological Receptors,
  • Landfill Gases & Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Generation and Waste Management